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How to play in Archery War®

How to play in Archery War®

How do you play and what kind of games are there?

The overall goal is to get as many points as possible in a lapsus of time to win the battle. Each point is obtained by "hit" with an arrow to the enemy in the opposite field, but each field has protection bunkers, making the battle more difficult and fun. May face teams from 3 vs 3 (minimum) to 12 vs 12 (in very large areas), depending on the type of game or games the total time is one hour, where 15 minutes is used to explain the games and practice with archery bows and 45 min is the game. Being a totally safe sport / game, special games are created for the little ones.

Game of the 5 points

One of the modes of play consists of the confrontation of two teams with 5 players each, which are separated only by a "Safe Area". Each team has a "5 point goal"

In the game there are two objectives:
  1. Eliminate all opposing equipment "by hitting it with an arrow".
  2. Hit the five disks of the opposing team's target.
Elimination of players can be carried out with the impact of one of the opposing team's arrows or when a player who shoots an arrow is intercepted (trapped) in the air by someone from the opposing team. When a player is eliminated, he can only re-enter the game when one of the points of the target team's opponent is eliminated, or when a player of his own team is able to catch an arrow in flight.
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It consists of, in eliminating the members of the opposing team in a period of time. Each player eliminated is reincorporated within 5 seconds in the safe zone of respawn

Win the team that has made the most eliminations in both rounds.

It is played 2 rounds of 15 to 20 min each, at the end of each round is changed sides. If at the end of the time of the second round both teams are equal points, a final round will be played, and in case of continuation the equality will be defined with shot the target, one player from each team will be chosen and they must tie with 5 arrows each hitting the targets. Who of the two hit more targets is the winning team.

Total Elimination

It consists, as the word itself says, of eliminating all members of the opposing team in a period of time. Each eliminated player waits at the end of the round to rejoin.

It can be played on 3, 5 or 7 rounds, depending on the amount of players and field space. Each round can during between 10 and 15 minutes, depending on how good players are to attack or defend.

The team that won the most rounds wins.
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It is well known in FPS (First Person Shooter) video games, where all members struggle to survive in a time estimated to be infected from the initial infected player, but if the infected hits his arrow with one of the uninfected, it automatically becomes In an infected along with the first and so on until they are all infected, such as the game of Zombies.

The winner of the game is how was survive the most amount of time in all rounds.

Capture the Flag

Also this method of game is well-known in the video games of FPS (First Person Shooter), but it is a game of team Vs. team where each one has in its base zone a "flag", and the objective is to capture the enemy flag and will lead to your base, so the team that achieves it without being hit by the enemy, gets a point for your team.

Obviously advised for teams from 4vs4 to 6vs6 depending on the playing space. In this way, strategies of capture and defense can be developed.

Its played 2 main rounds and the team that gets the most points is the winner, in the event of a tie a final round will be made with the Golden Flag (as in Golden Gol on football) who gets the point in the last round will be the winner.
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